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Curriculum Vitae (Roderik Emmerink)

Laan van Wateringse Veld 711
2548 BN Den Haag
The Netherlands
Mobile: +31 (0)6 14157509
Phone: +31 (0)70 7611379

Roderik Frederik Emmerink

Personal Particulars
Date of Birth: May 11, 1982
Place of Birth: Groningen
Sex: Male
Nationality: Dutch
Place of Living: The Hague, The Netherlands

Independent php web professional with a background in AI. I like to extend web applications with new features and like to be involved in planning new web applications or future developments. I like to work in a creative environment where people don't mind to think beyond their own expertise and want to try new things.

2022 NoProtocol Amsterdam
At NoProtocol, a Full Service Digital Agency in Amsterdam, I temporarily extended their backend team to support the PHP backend development for the Flutter apps. For these projects I worked with Laravel 9, PHP 8, MySQL, Redis, REST API's, TDD (phpunit), Heroku, Git, Jira, Laravel Horizon, Firebase Cloud Messaging.
2021 - 2022 Koninklijke Boom Uitgevers Meppel
Creating, extending and refactoring the Symfony applications used to register or extend licences or to manage account and license information. Some applications use a custom frontend others are developed around the EasyAdmin package with some adjustments to make it faster, to have forms more specific for the user story or to use multiple entity managers (database connections) or to add REST API access.
2019 - 2020 aapsoftware Bilthoven
Developed new features for the laravel application of Aap rental (crm) software. From small adjustments and bug fixes till modules for reading OCR'ed data and to calculate route optimization for deliveries, generating pdf invoices, etc, etc. Worked with Jira (scrum), PHP (Laravel), MySQL, jQuery, several API's, CSS (bootstrap).
2018 - 2020 Brndsonly Amersfoort
Developed a novel survey application, HappySlider, from scratch with Laravel (php), MySql and Vue.js. It features invites with text messages, QR codes, newsletter invite links, import and export of user data via xls and json api, presentation of data in graphs. Different environments and permissions based on a role based authentication. In use by financial institutions till camp sites. It won the travel idea of the year award and was a finalist for the CSU Innovation award.
2017 Abel Delft BV Delft
Developed new features and extended existing features for the sensing and monitoring systems. I have been working on the bicycle detection and signing solution, smart office software and waste container load sensing solutions, both extending the API's and extending the dashboard with relevant input and reporting widgets (graphs, tables, maps). Most apps are built with Laravel/Lumen, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, HTML5.
2016 Lucy Software BV Utrecht
At Lucy I am developing a hybrid data mining app for Windows, iOS and Android mobile platforms. I made an investigation of the mobile frameworks in the market (and a PoC with ionic/AngularJS) and decided to use the DevExpress DevExtreme framework with KnockoutJS.
2015 Liberty Global Amsterdam
At Liberty Global I perform maintenance work and implement improvements on a Concrete5 PHP application hosted on Windows Server with a MSSQL database for sharing important information within the organization.
2015 Framez Media Amsterdam
At Framez I am responsible for the technology/software. I work with Ruby on Rails for the promotor CMS and with the Android app for sharing photos. I am also developing a web shop with Wordpress and Woocommerce. For the shop the orders will be exchanged with Fujifilm via an XML interface. The frontend is responsive and will adapt for various devices. Stylesheet are built with SCSS based on Twitter bootstrap and I built a custom theme on top of that.
2014 - 2015 Sanoma B.V. Hoofddorp
In January 2014 I started as a software engineer at Sanoma Technology. At Sanoma we have an inspiring environment where people share knowledge in talks by employees or by inviting guest speakers. I am mostly working on the high traffic sites Startpagina and Startpagina Network, especially for the latter I worked close with the business for planning, what and how to implement new features. As part of my job I puppetized environments, developed new functionalities and improved the systems to effectively handle and monitor load. At Sanoma I was using technologies like Puppet, Vagrant, Varnish and of course PHP (Zend framework). For the front-end I applied HTML5, jQuery, Sass/Scss and Twitter bootstrap.
2011 - 2014 Amgate B.V. Den Haag
At Amgate I was in a product development position. I made the iPhone app for real time visitor and registration statistics in Objective-C (with xcode), developed large parts of evisit (used for organizing and registration at Emerce, Jaarbeurs, ABN AMRO, Google events) and worked on an inventory system for Magento shops (based on barcode scanning). I have also implemented the SEPA changes for a large invoicing system. Most of the work is related to back end development, but I also work with jQuery and Ext JS (and of course HTML/CSS) for frontend development. Furthermore I work on php web sites/applications based on the Zend framework in combination with the Pimcore CMS.
2009 - 2011 Prime Vision B.V. Delft
I have worked as a software engineer for Prime Vision in Delft. Prime Vision develops optical character recognition (OCR) and sortation software for the postal industry. As a software engineer I have been working on the creation and improvement of these systems, web applications for customer support, the new retail system for TNT Post and a monitoring system for monitoring KPIs (based on nagios and ninja). I have been responsible for discussing requirements with customers and to create specifications with the use of UML. I have been writing software with Delphi and web applications with the use of technologies like AJAX, XHTML, javascript (EXT JS), PHP,, Kohana, MySQL and SQL Server. Furthermore I was responsible for releasing software and the installation on site.
2007 - 2008 De Montfort University Leicester (UK)
For my final project at De Montfort University I worked for one semester on the development of an intelligent dating site. The project was awarded 68% and resulted in a novel dating application that applies fuzzy logic. In this project I was able to extract expert knowledge on matchmaking from literature on social psychology and relationships in particular. This information on personality is expressed in a fuzzy inference system and reusable classes for fuzzy inferring have been implemented with the use of PHP. A novel AJAX interface based on the EXT JS library is developed to gather fuzzy and crisp information from users.
more info: dissertation "AI Dating: Development of a Novel Dating Application with Fuzzy Inferencing", dating site
2004 - now Archytas Den Haag

In February 2004 I started the company Archytas as part of my final project at the Hanze University. The final project involved the development of a Coffee on Demand system. The system consists of three parts, the GUI, by means of a Java applet and a Delphi application, the adaptation of a coffee machine to become internet controlled and the development of a small radio controlled robot car for delivery. Apart from some mechanical issues the project was succesful and awarded a good grade.

After the final project I continued the activities of Archytas that were mainly focused at web development. Most work was related to database driven websites (XHTML, PHP, MySQL, Smarty, CakePHP). A custom CMS has been developed that makes use of AJAX technology and object abstraction. Besides developing web sites I also manage multiple VPSes running CentOS (or ScientificLinux) as part of my web hosting services.

More recently I started working on the site and shifted to using redmine, git, Laravel 5, Varnish, responsive design (e.g. Twitter Bootstrap, Sass, blade templating).
I made a HTML5 app based on the ionic framework (AngularJS, Sass) for DigitalSmart in The Hague.
An ongoing project is Tradey where I'm making estimations regarding the stock market based on big data.
Furthermore I am working on real estate projects, for example and a crowd funding platform that is under development.
As side projects I work on self owned sites about Winter sports, television shows (de mol), droodles/puzzles and a price watch (mainly for fuel prices).
more info:

2003 TNO Physics and Electronics Laboratory The Hague
I have worked for 3 months on a FMCW radar demonstrator at TNO-FEL in The Hague. The objective was to change the current software in LabWindows/CVI in such a way that the radar data view will show angle information (in the position picture) and to extend the software with tracking facilities.
2003 Industrial Coding and Controls B.V. Rogat
I have worked for 5 weeks at INCCO B.V. on a Visual Basic program to read and convert font characters. For performance issues I made code to compile a new small (binary) font file format. Furthermore, I extended software in (embedded) C for writing characters to a VGA screen.
2002 - 2003 Blekinge Institute of Technology Ronneby (S)
I have worked for 5 months on the breadboard project, a visual basic control. The breadboard project is part of the distance laboratory project. During the project I have worked with Visual Basic 6, UML (partly RUP).
more info: Article on Distance Lab

2007-2008 De Montfort University Leicester (UK)
MSc Computational Intelligence and Robotics
2004-2007 University of Groningen Groningen
Artificial Intelligence
2000-2004 Hanze University (Hanzehogeschool Groningen) Groningen
BEng Electrical Engineering (specialisation towards information technology)
1995-2000 Dr. Nassau College Assen
HAVO School (School of Higher Secondary Education).

I'd like to build web sites/applications that interact with the user. For these web sites I have implemented technologies like: PHP, C#, Smarty, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Laravel, ASP/, SQL & mdb, MySQL, JavaScript, VBScript, EXT JS, jQuery, Knockout, Flash, (X)HTML, CSS, AJAX, Twitter Bootstrap and more. Therefore I have experience with programs like PhpStorm, Netbeans, Aptana (Eclipse PHP-IDE), Dreamweaver 8, Adobe GoLive, HomeSite, Quanta, KWrite, Visual Studio, phpMyAdmin, MS Access, Fireworks, Sketch, Flash.
Currently I am looking into Symfony 2, design patterns and Angular JS. Besides technology I like to visit readings on Philosophy and other subjects, watch arthouse films, visit theatrical plays and play squash and board games now and then.

Extracurricular Activities
Volunteer at Oerol festival; Language coach at Vluchtelingenwerk.
Member of the Students Panel of the Faculty of Technology.
Member of the crew of the students' introduction week of Groningen.
Secretary of C.v.L. students union.
Secretary of the Board of IT of the EBSF (European Biology Students' Federation).

Curricular Skills

A summary of subjects in which I have been qualified by De Montfort University.
- Fuzzy Logic
- Artificial Neural Networks
- Evolutionary Computing
- Applied Computational Intelligence
- AI Programming (e.g. Prolog, NLP)
- Mobile Robots
- Intelligent Mobile Robots
- Research Methods

A summary of subjects in which I have been qualified by the Hanze University.
- Digital Technology (e.g. VHDL, VLSI, Abel)
- Anologue Electronics
- Measurement Techniques and Control Engineering
- Information and Communication Technology (Java, C, Delphi, Assembler)
- Power Technology
- Mathematics
- Communication Skills